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- Noun

A pencil of black or red lead; -- called also keelyvine pen.

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  • Christopher Keelivine

  • Keelin Smith

    Keelin Smith

    Keelin Smith (raised in Port St. Lucie, Florida) is an American student and football player. He plays for Florida State Seminoles and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

  • Keelva

    Keelva is a village in Lääne-Harju Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia.

  • Ptychocroca keelioides

    Ptychocroca keelioides is a species of moth of the family Tortricidae. It is found in Chile (Santiago Province and Valparaíso Region ).

  • Kevin Keliki

    Kevin Keliki

    Kevin Keliki (born March 9th, 2000) is a Congolese basketball player who plays as a center for the AS Monaco Basket basketball team.Previously, he was in the Espoirs Monaco lineup.

  • Katariina ja Munkkiniemen kreivi

    Katariina ja Munkkiniemen kreivi (Katariina and the Count of Munkkiniemi) is a 1943 Finnish film directed by Ossi Elstelä. It is based on a novel by Kaarina Viitainojan. The film stars Regina Linnanheimo, Leif Wager, Elsa Rantalainen, Ester Toivonen and Eino Kaipainen. This film was Wager's first major feature film, and as a result he became one of the most popular Finnish male actors of the 1940s.

  • Keeline Building

    Keeline Building

    The Keeline Building is located at 319 South 17th Street in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Completed in 1911 just before the neighboring Douglas County Courthouse, the seven-story Keeline was designed by locally renowned architect John Latenser, Sr. Built in the Georgian Revival style, the building is said to represent "the prosperous commercial development in Omaha during this period." As of January 2008 the building was for sale, with suggested ongoing usage as an office building or as a "wonderful candidate for residential conversion."

  • Djam Leelii

    Djam Leelii

    Djam Leelii is the first widely distributed album of Senegalese musician Baaba Maal and guitarist Mansour Seck. Several of the tracks have been released on Baaba Maal's later releases. It was originally recorded in 1984 and released in 1989 by Mango Records. A 1998 edition from Palm Records raised the number of tracks to twelve. The album was featured in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

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    Keelin Fox is an Irish female badminton player. Fox won her senior title at the Irish National Badminton Championships in 1997. In 2006, she also won the women's singles title at Irish Championships, women's doubles titles in 1999-2002, 2004-2006, 2009 and 2010, mixed doubles titles in 2003 and 2005. In 2012, she won Irish Future Series tournament in mixed doubles event with her partner Edward Cousins.

  • Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu

    Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu (born August 10, 1959) is a contemporary Hawaiian chanter who was born and raised in ʻAiea, Oʻahu. He is best known for his contributions to the soundtrack of the 2002 Disney animated film, Lilo & Stitch , providing the film's two non-Elvis Presley -related songs.

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