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- Noun

An armed constable; also, a government servant or courier.

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  • Kavass

    A kavass or cavass is a Turkish name for an armed police-officer, also for a courier or guide such as it is usual to engage when travelling in Turkey.

  • Kavasseri

    Kavassery is a gram panchayat in the Palakkad district,, state of Kerala, India. It is a very local government organisation that serves the villages of Kavasseri-I and Kavasseri-II.

  • Kavássila

  • Kavássila, Greece

  • Kavássila, Greece

  • Erik Lavass

    Erik Lavass is a retired Swedish bandy player and footballer . Lavass was part of the Djurgården Swedish champions' team of 1908 and 1912 . Lavass made 6 Svenska Serien appearances for Djurgården and scored 0 goals.

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