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- Noun

A West Indian plant of the Pineapple family (Nidularium Karatas).

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    Karatas may refer to: Karataş (disambiguation) Karata people, an indigenous people of the Caucasus a generic synonym of the plant genus Bromelia <img src="//" alt="" title="" width="1" height="1" style="border: none; position: absolute;" />

  • Karataş


    Karataş (Greek: Μέγαρσος, Mègarsos) is a small city and a district in Adana Province, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 47 km from the city of Adana, between the rivers of Seyhan and Ceyhan, the Pyramos of Antiquity. The city of Karataş has a population of 8,483 (in 2010), with another 13,000 living in surrounding villages.

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