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- Noun

A sect of Jews who adhere closely to the letter of the Scriptures, rejecting the oral law, and allowing the Talmud no binding authority; -- opposed to the Rabbinists.

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  • Karaite

    Karaite or Qaraite may refer to:

  • Solomon (Karaite prince)

    Solomon ben David (Hebrew: שלמה בן דוד‎) was a Karaite leader of the late tenth and early eleventh centuries CE. He was the son of David ben Boaz. As a direct lineal descendant of Anan ben David, he was regarded as nasi and resh galuta of the Karaite community. He was succeeded by his son Hezekiah ben Solomon.

  • List of Karaite Jews

    People associated with Karaite Judaism include:

  • Jacob ben Reuben (Karaite)

    Jacob ben Reuben (יעקב בן ראובן) was a Karaite scholar and Bible exegete of the eleventh century. He wrote a brief Hebrew language commentary on the entire Bible, which he entitled Sefer ha-'Osher, because, as he says in the introduction, the reader will find therein sufficient information, and will not need to have recourse to the many voluminous commentaries which the author himself had consulted. The book is, in fact, merely a compilation; the author's explanation of any given passage is frequently introduced by the abbreviations or (i.e., Arabic "ma'nahu" or "ya'ni" = "that is to say"); and divergent explanations of other commentators are added one after the other and preceded by the vague phrase ("another says"). It is, in fact, chiefly an extract of Yefet ben Ali's work, from whom Jacob borrowed most of his explanations as well as the quotations from various authors, chiefly on the Pentateuch. But Jacob also drew upon later Karaite authors, the last of whom is Jeshua ben Judah, who, so far as is known, flourished about 1054 (see Harkavy, Hadashim gam Yeshanim, vii. 17). This date points to the second half of the eleventh century as the date of composition of the Sefer ha-'Osher.

  • Hezekiah (Karaite prince)

  • Boaz (Karaite prince)

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