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- Noun

A chapel; hence, the choir or orchestra of a prince's chapel; now, a musical establishment, usually orchestral.

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  • Kapelle

    Kapelle () is a municipality and a town in the southwestern Netherlands on Zuid-Beveland

  • Schwarze Kapelle

    The Schwarze Kapelle (German for Black Orchestra) was a term used by the Gestapo to refer

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    William E. Kapelle (born in Baldwin City, Kansas) is a medieval historian at Brandeis University

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    Kapelle (formerly Capelle) is a hamlet in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It is located

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    The Red Orchestra (German: Die Rote Kapelle), or the Red Chapel as it was known in Germany

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    Capelle aan den IJssel [kaːˈpɛlə ʔaːn dɛn ˈɛisəl] () is a town and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The municipality had a population of 66,818 in 2019, and covers an area of 15.40 km2 (5.95 sq mi), of which 1.15 km2 (0.44 sq mi) is water. It is situated on the eastern edge of Rotterdam, on the Hollandse IJssel river. The town has what is probably the country's smallest museum, the ("House of Thieves and Pigeons"). Now a historical museum, it served as the prison for the castle of Capelle and is all that now remains of the 16th-century castle.

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    Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle is a village and deelgemeente of Dilbeek.

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