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- Noun

A native of the Sandwich Islands.

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  • Kanaka

    Kanaka may refer to:

  • Kanaka Shree

    The Kanaka Shree is an award instituted by the Government of Karnataka to recognize and honour individuals who contribute to the promotion of the values and literature of Kanakadasa.

  • Kanaka Srinivasan

    Kanaka Srinivasan is an Indian classical dancer and one of the leading exponents of the classical dance form of Bharat Natyam. She is a disciple of Vazhuvoor B. Ramaiyah Pillai and is aligned with Vazhuvur tradition of the dance form. She is a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award of 1998. The Government of India awarded her the fourth highest civilian honour of the Padma Shri, in 2006, for her contributions to Indian classical dance.

  • Kanaka pigeon

    The Kanaka pigeon (Caloenas canacorum), also called the great green pigeon or greater maned pigeon, is extinct. It was probably hunted to extinction by the early settlers of New Caledonia and Tonga around 2500 years ago. It was described from subfossil remains found at the Pindai Caves of New Caledonia. The specific epithet is a latinisation of kanaka, the name of the native Melanesian people of New Caledonia. It was about 25% larger than its closest living relative, the Nicobar pigeon.

  • T. S. Kanaka

    T. S. Kanaka or Thanjavur Santhanakrishna Kanaka, also known as Tanjore Santhana Krishna Kanaka, (31 March 1932 to 14 November 2018) was Asia's first female neurosurgeon and one of the world's first few female neurosurgeons. She was the first neurosurgeon in India to perform chronic electrode implants in the brain, having been also the first to perform deep brain stimulation as early as in 1975. She pioneered functional neurosurgery in the 1960s and 1970s along with Prof. Balasubramaniam, Prof. S. Kalyanaraman; and received recognition for her research and contributions to the field of stereotactic surgery.

  • Kanaka Creek

    Kanaka Creek

    Kanaka Creek is a tributary of the Fraser River, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It flows through Maple Ridge, a district municipality at the eastern edge of Metro Vancouver.

  • Samuel Kanaka Prasad

    Bishop Emeritus T. S. Kanaka Prasad was the sixth successor of Frank Whittaker and seventh Bishop–in–Medak for the Diocese of Medak of the Church of South India (CSI) during the period 2009–2012.

  • Kanaka Creek, British Columbia

    Kanaka Creek is an historic rural residential area located within the District of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, along the banks of the creek of the same name just east of the district's main town and commercial core of Haney. Just east is Albion and immediately across the Fraser River is Derby or "Old Fort Langley", upstream from which and opposite Albion is Fort Langley. Kanaka Creek was settled by Hawaiian natives in the employ of the Hudson's Bay Company, known as Kanakas, often with local indigenous, usually Kwantlen, wives. Once a thriving community linked closely to the affairs of the fort, like the rancherie outside Fort Vancouver, Kanaka Creek dwindled somewhat when the fort was located further upstream, although some of the original families stayed on for decades. The area has long since been subdivided and is a suburban neighbourhood now, with Kanaka Creek Road, along the creek's west bank, the main arterial, which like the creek runs generally northeast, finally becoming 232nd Street to connect to the Dewdney Trunk Road. Upstream, to the northeast, is Kanaka Creek Regional Park and street connections to Webster's Corners and 240th Street. Although mostly suburban the neighbourhood retains a greenbelt quality because of the protection of the creek by its park and as a salmon spawning stream, and there are still farms operating in some parts of the area.

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