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- Noun

The name of Vishnu in his tenth and last avatar.

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  • Kałki

    Kałki may refer to the following places:

  • Kalki


    Kalki, also called Kalkin or Karki, is the tenth avatar of Hindu god Vishnu to end the Kali Yuga, one of the four periods in the endless cycle of existence (krita) in Vaishnavism cosmology. He is described in the Puranas as the avatar who rejuvenates existence by ending the darkest and destructive period to remove adharma and ushering in the Satya Yuga, while riding a white horse with a fiery sword. The description and details of Kalki are inconsistent among the Puranic texts. He is, for example, only an invisible force destroying evil and chaos in some texts, while an actual person who kills those who persecute others, and some texts portrayed him as someone leading an army of Naga warriors to eliminate adharma from the world. His mythology has been compared to the concepts of Messiah, Apocalypse, Frashokereti and Maitreya in other religions.

  • Kalki Subramaniam

    Kalki Subramaniam is a transgender rights activist, artist, actress, writer, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu.

  • Kalki (1996 film)

    Kalki (1996 film)

    Kalki is a 1996 Tamil drama film directed by K. Balachander, starring Shruti, Rahman, Prakash Raj, Geetha, Renuka, and Fathima Babu. The music composition is by Deva. The film was co-produced by Gramco Films. The film was among 1996 Deepavali releases.

  • Kalki (novel)

    Kalki (novel)

    Kalki is a 1978 pre/post-apocalyptic novel by American author Gore Vidal.

  • Kalki Purana

    The Sri Kalki Purana (Sanskrit: कल्कि पुराण Sri Kalki Purāṇa) is a prophetic work in Sanskrit that details the life and times of Kalki, the tenth and final of the Dashavatara (the ten Avatars) of the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. The narrative is set in near the end of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age, as revealed by the storyteller Suta.

  • Kalki (1984 film)

    Kalki is a 1984 Indian Malayalam film, directed by N. Sankaran Nair. The film stars Adoor Bhasi and Ambika in the lead roles. The film has musical score by G. Devarajan.

  • Kalki, Maharashtra

    Kalki is a small village in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra state in Western India. The 2011 Census of India recorded a total of 641 residents in the village. Kalki's geographical area is 515 hectares (1,270 acres).

  • Kalki TV

    Kalki TV is a Tamil-language 24/7 news television channel, owned by Kalki TV Group Asia Limited.

  • Elachista kalki

    Elachista kalki

    Elachista kalki is a moth of the family Elachistidae. It is found in Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan and Russia (southern Urals, Volga region, Tuva Republic).

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