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- Noun

A Berber, as in Algiers or Tunis. See Berber.

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  • French destroyer Kabyle

    French destroyer Kabyle

    The Kabyle was one of a dozen Arabe-class destroyers built for the French Navy in Japan during the First World War.

  • Kabyle musket

    Kabyle musket

    The Kabyle musket or moukalla (moukhala) was a type of musket widely used in North Africa, produced by many native tribes and nations. Two systems of gunlock prevailed in Kabyle guns, one, which derived from Dutch and English types of snaphance lock, usually with a thicker lockplate. Half cock was provided by a dog catch behind the cock. At full cock, the sear passing through the lockplate engaged the heel of the cock. The other mechanism was the so-called Arab toe-lock, a form of miquelet lock, closely allied to the agujeta lock (which required a back or dog catch for half cock) and the Italian romanlock. The term miquelet is used today to describe a particular type of snaplock. The miquelet lock, in all varieties, was common for several centuries in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, particularly in Spain, Italy, the Balkans, and Ottoman domains including the coastal states of North Africa. The type of musket would be described as a Kabyle snaphance or a Kabyle miquelet. (Blair: 1982 pages 281,289)

  • Kabyle (disambiguation)

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