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- Noun

A projection in a building; also, a pier or mole; a jetty.

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  • Jutty Ranx

    Jutty Ranx is an American electronic dance music band, consisting of vocalist Justin Taylor, Jaakko Manninen, a DJ associated with the Finnish act Beats and Styles and Ryan Malina. Their debut single "I See You " has been listed in the official Italian digital downloads chart, certified by FIMI, for 13 weeks; it peaked at number 3 in March 2013. It was also certified 2xplatinum for selling more than 60,000 copies.

  • I See You (Jutty Ranx song)

    I See You (Jutty Ranx song)

    I See You is a song written by Californian electronic band Jutty Ranx and released in 2012 as the lead single from their debut studio album Jutty Ranx (2013). The song peaked at number 3 in the Italian chart in 2013. A music video for the song was released on YouTube on 2 November 2012 by Spinnin' Records.

  • Jack "Putty Nose" Nicholls

    Jack "Putty Nose" Nicholls (December 1912 – 16 June 1981) was a Melbourne waterfront identity best known as Secretary of the Victorian Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union at the time of the Costigan Commission. Nicholls followed Pat Shannon as union secretary after he was murdered by Bill "The Texan" Longley.

  • Epoxy putty

    Epoxy putty refers to a group of room-temperature-hardening substances used as space-filling adhesives. Exact compositions vary according to manufacturer and application. They are stored until use as two components of clay-like consistency. Kneading the two components into each other creates an exothermic chemical reaction that activates the substance for use by catalyzing an epoxide polymerisation reaction. Unlike many other types of glues, an epoxy adhesive can fill gaps and even be molded into a structural part. Some makers claim in advertising that one can drill and tap their cured products, and that they quickly cure "hard as steel" (as measured by Shore rating ), though they are much weaker than steel in tensile strength and shear strength.

  • Chut Wutty

    Chut Wutty

    Chut Wutty (Khmer: ឈុត វុទ្ធី; 1972–2012) was founder and drector of the Natural Resource Protection Group (NRPG). He was a Cambodian environmental activist best known as the country’s most vocal critic of the military's alleged role in illegal logging conducted by companies granted land concessions in protected forests and related government corruption.

  • Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar

    Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar (Malayalam: പാങ്ങില് അഹ്മദ് കുട്ടി മുസ്ലിയാറ്, Arabic: بانغل احمد كدي مسليار) prominent scholar hailing from Kerala, is the second president of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama. He was the spear head of Sunni horde during the early period of the intellectual war against the novelty based group and was the reformer leader of Mappilas. His lineage reaches to Swahabas and Thabees.

  • Commotion Ltd v Rutty

    Commotion Ltd v Rutty

    Commotion Ltd v Rutty IRLR 171 (EAT ) is an Employment Appeal Tribunal case in which an employer, who denied its staff flexible working time, was found in breach of the Employment Rights Act 1996 for failing to have any lawful reason.

  • Nutty Bars

    Nutty Bars

    Nutty Bars in the United States are a snack manufactured by McKee Foods under the brand title of Little Debbie. The snack consists of four wafers sandwiched together in a peanut butter mixture and covered in chocolate. The packages generally come in sealed packs of 2 wafers. A serving size (57g), has 310 calories, 18g of fat with 8g of it being saturated fat, and 20g of sugar. They are now referred to as "Nutty Buddy" due to a name change.

  • William Rutty

    William Rutty M.D. (1687–1730) was an English physician.

  • Putty Tat Trouble

    Putty Tat Trouble is a 1951 Looney Tunes animated short featuring Sylvester and Tweety, in which Sylvester has a feud with another cat over the canary.

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