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- Noun

The memorandum or certificate at the end of an asffidavit, or a bill or answer in chancery, showing when, before whom, and (in English practice), where, it was sworn or affirmed.

- Noun

A person under oath; specifically, an officer of the nature of an alderman, in certain municipal corporations in England.

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    The jurats (/ˈdʒʊəræt, ˈʒʊərɑː/) are lay people in Guernsey and Jersey who act as judges of fact rather than law, though they preside over land conveyances and liquor licensing. In Alderney, however, the jurats are judges of both fact and law (assisted by their learned clerk) in both civil and criminal matters.

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  • Jurat (clause)

    A jurat (short for Latin juratum (est), "it has been sworn", 3rd singular perfect passive of jurare, "to swear") is a clause at the foot of an affidavit showing when, where, and before whom the actual oath was sworn or affirmation was made.

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