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- Noun

A sleeveless jacket worn over the armor in the 14th century. It fitted closely, and descended below the hips.

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  • Fujin Sōgaku Jittai and Fujo Ninsō Juppin

    Fujin Sōgaku Jittai ( 婦人相学十躰 , "Ten physiognomies of women") and Fujo Ninsō Juppin ( 婦女人相十品 , "Ten classes of women's physiognomy") are the titles of what may have been two series of ukiyo-e prints designed by the Japanese artist Utamaro and published c. 1792–93 . Only five prints from one series and four from the other survive, and one print appears in both series, so that eight distinct prints are known. The two series may have been made up of the same prints, or they may have been the same series with a title change partway through publication.

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    Vallance Jupp

    Vallance William Crisp Jupp (27 March 1891 – 9 July 1960) was an amateur cricketer who played for Sussex and Northamptonshire. Jupp also played eight Test matches for England, and was named as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1928.

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    Sir Kenneth Graham Jupp MC (2 June 1917 – 15 March 2004), was a British Judge and a Liberal Party politician.

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