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- Noun

A feast or entertainment; a revel.

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  • Murketing

    Murketing is an advertising strategy that avoids direct sales of a product and focuses instead on vagaries such as marketing buzz, brand identity and publicity.

  • 88Kasyo Junrei

    88Kasyo Junrei (Japanese: 八十八ヶ所巡礼, hachi ju hachi kasho junrei) is a Japanese rock band. They consist of vocalist and bassist Margaret Hiroi (マーガレット廣井), guitarist Katzuya Shimuzu, and drummer Kenzo (賢三). Their name, which means "eighty-eight point pilgrimage," is reminiscent of the Shikoku pilgrimage. Their music combines elements of jam band, heavy metal, alternative, psychedelic and progressive rock styles.

  • Junkee Media

    Junkee Media

    Junkee Media, formerly known as Sound Alliance, is a digital media company based in Australia. According to the company, Junkee Media's websites attract a monthly audience of over 2 million unique browsers. Nearly 70 per cent of the website's traffic comes from mobile devices and the biggest referrer to the network is Facebook.

  • Junpei Takiguchi

    Kōhei Takiguchi (Japanese: 滝口 幸平, Hepburn: Takiguchi Kōhei, April 17, 1931 – August 29, 2011), better known by the stage name Junpei Takiguchi (滝口 順平, Takiguchi Junpei), was a Japanese voice actor and narrator from Chiba Prefecture.

  • Terasawa Junsei

    Terasawa Junsei

    Junsei Terasawa (Japanese: 寺沢潤世, Russian: Дзюнсэй Тэрасава, Ukrainian: Дзюнсей Терасава; September 15, 1950) is a Japanese Buddhist monk, belonging to the Order Nipponzan Myōhōji. He is notable for being the first Nipponzan monk to be active in Eurasia.

  • Junkee


    Junkee is an Australian popular culture and news website run by new media company Junkee Media. It covers various topics including film, university, food, TV, politics, travel, career, health and Internet culture. Its target demographic is 18- to 29-year-olds.

  • Junpei Gomikawa

    Junpei Gomikawa (March 15, 1916 – March 8, 1995) was a Japanese novelist. He is best known for his 1958 World War II novel The Human Condition (Ningen no joken), which became a best seller. Gomikawa's novel became the basis for Masaki Kobayashi's film trilogy The Human Condition . Another novel by Gomikawa, Men and War (Senso to ningen), formed the basis for Satsuo Yamamoto's 1970-1973 film trilogy of the same name.

  • Junker Schools

    Junker (юнкер in Russian, or yunker) has several meanings in Imperial Russia. The word is from the German language, where it means "young lord".

  • Puketi hydroelectric power plant

    The Puketi hydroelectric power plant was a micro hydropower plant constructed near the village of Puketi in Suriname, with a capacity of 50 kW (67 hp). The plant provided electricity between 1981 and 1987 before it went into disrepair. According to hydrologist Rudi van Els, the plant could be rehabilitated, but efforts are now focussed on the construction of the Gran Olo hydroelectric power plant nearby.

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