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- Noun

A young German noble or squire; esp., a member of the aristocratic party in Prussia.

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  • Junker

    Junker (Danish: Junker, German: Junker, Dutch: Jonkheer, English: Yunker, Norwegian: Junker, Swedish: Junker Georgian: იუნკერი (Iunkeri)) is a noble honorific, derived from Middle High German Juncherre, meaning "young nobleman" or otherwise "young lord" (derivation of jung and Herr). The term is traditionally used throughout the German-speaking, Dutch-speaking and Scandinavian-speaking parts of Europe. It also was used in the Russian Empire due to Baltic German influence, up until the Russian Revolution. The term is currently still in use by the Georgian Defense Forces, for Student officers of the Military Academy, who are being prepared to serve in the army as senior Officers.

  • Kasper Junker

    Kasper Junker (born 5 March 1994) is a Danish professional footballer who plays for Norwegian club Stabæk on loan from AC Horsens, as a striker.

  • Gottfried Junker

    Gottfried Junker (born 18 June 1950 in Günzburg) is a German independent film director and photographer.

  • Hermann Junker

    Hermann Junker (November 29, 1877 in Bendorf – January 9, 1962 in Vienna ) was a German archaeologist best known for his discovery of the Merimde-Benisalam site in the West Nile Delta in Lower Egypt in 1928.

  • Leni Junker

    Leni Junker

    Helene "Leni" Junker (later Thymm; 8 December 1905 – 9 February 1997) was a German sprint runner who competed at the 1928 Summer Olympics. She won a bronze medal in the 4 × 100 m, but failed to reach the final of the individual 100 m event. Earlier in 1925 she set a world record in the 100-metre at 12.2 seconds.

  • Steve Junker (ice hockey)

    Steve Junker (born June 26, 1972) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. He was drafted by the New York Islanders with the 92nd pick in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft. He played in only five NHL regular-season games plus three playoff games, where he recorded his only NHL point.

  • Junker mutiny

    Junker mutiny

    The Junker mutiny (Russian: Юнкерский мятеж) was a counterrevolutionary mutiny of military school cadets in Petrograd against the Bolsheviks in October 1917.

  • Noah Junker

    Noah Junker

    Noah Junker is an American baseball player from Murfreesboro, Tennessee who plays as an outfielder.

  • Megan Junker

    Megan Junker

    Megan Junker is an American soccer player from McMurray, Pennsylvania who plays as a goalkeeper.

  • Junker Jørgensen

    Junker Jørgensen (17 May 1946 – 8 January 1989) was a Danish cyclist. He competed in the team time trial at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

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