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- Noun

A beast; especially, a beast of burden.

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  • La Jument

    La Jument

    La Jument is the name of a lighthouse at the Northwestern part of France, Brittany. The lighthouse is built on a rock (that is also called La Jument) about 300 metres from the coast of the island of Ushant, which marks the north-westernmost point of metropolitan France. There is also a very different lighthouse about 3 kilometres to the North, the Nividic lighthouse. Together with the Kreac'h lighthouse, they are the 3 most famous lighthouses of the region.

  • La Jument de Michao

    La Jument de Michao ("Michao's mare" in French) or Le Loup, le Renard et la Belette ("The Wolf, the Fox and the Weasel") is a recent (1973) Breton adaptation of two different Western French traditional songs, also found in Brittany, the original one may be a medieval French song of Burgundy origin: J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lièvre . The integration in the Breton patrimony was made under the shape of a song deduct (ten to one couplet) typical of Upper Brittany (Gallo ), but in other French regions too. The music dances on the rhythm of the An dro (Gwened ), one of the most known Breton round dances.

  • La Jument verte (film)

  • Bernard Jumentier

    Bernard Jumentier

    Bernard Jumentier, (24 March 1749 – 7 December 1829) was a French composer of classical and sacred music as well as maître de chapelle.

  • Tumentsogt, Sukhbaatar

  • Isla de la Juventud

    Isla de la Juventud

    Isla de la Juventud (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈizla ðe la xuβenˈtuð ]; English: Isle of Youth) is the second-largest Cuban island and the seventh-largest island in the West Indies (after Cuba itself, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and Andros Island ). The island was called the Isle of Pines (Spanish: Isla de Pinos) until 1978. It has an area 2,200 km2 (850 sq mi) and is 50 km (31 mi) south of the island of Cuba, across the Gulf of Batabanó. The island lies almost directly south of Havana and Pinar del Río and is a Special Municipality (2,419 km2 (934 sq mi)), not part of any province and is therefore administered directly by the central government of Cuba. The island has only one municipality, also named Isla de la Juventud.

  • Juventus Stadium

    Juventus Stadium

    Juventus Stadium, known for sponsorship reasons as the Allianz Stadium since July 2017, sometimes simply known in Italy as the Stadium (Italian: Lo Stadium), is an all-seater football stadium in the Vallette borough of Turin, Italy, and the home of Juventus F.C. The stadium was built on the site of Juventus' and Torino's former home, the Stadio delle Alpi, and is one of only four club-owned football stadiums in Serie A, alongside Sassuolo's Mapei Stadium, Udinese's Stadio Friuli, and Atalanta B.C. ‘s stadium. It was opened at the start of the 2011–12 season and has a capacity of just over 41,000 spectators.

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