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The sweet and edible drupes (fruits) of several Mediterranean and African species of small trees, of the genus Zizyphus, especially the Z. jujuba, Z. vulgaris, Z. mucronata, and Z. Lotus. The last named is thought to have furnished the lotus of the ancient Libyan Lotophagi, or lotus eaters.

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    Crab jujube or hoi jo (Chinese: 蟹棗; literally: 'crab jujube'; Peng'im: hoi6 jo2; Thai: ฮ่อยจ๊อ, RTGS: hoicho, pronounced [hɔ̂j.t͡ɕɔ́ː ]) is a Chinese dish from Chaozhou which contains a set of small deep-fried, jujube fruit -shaped, crab cakes. Its main ingredients are crab meat, pork fat (or ground pork belly ), chopped water chestnuts, eggs, vegetables, and herbs, which are wrapped into a sheet of fresh tofu skin, forming long rolls, cut into bite-sized pieces, and deep-fried. Crab jujube is a popular dish among Thai Chinese people in Thailand where it is known as hoicho.

  • Jujube tea

    Jujube tea

    Daechu-cha ( 대추차 ) is a traditional Korean tea made from jujubes. The tea is deep ruby-brown to rich dark maroon in color and is abundant in iron, potassium, and vitamins B and C. It is often garnished with pine nuts.

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