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- Noun

Enjoyment; gayety; festivity; joyfulness.

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    Joyce Ndalichako is Tanzania's current Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training.

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    Joyce Chu

    Joyce Chu (simplified Chinese: 朱主爱; traditional Chinese: 朱主愛; pinyin: Zhū Zhǔ'ài; born 7 March 1997), nicknamed Si Ye Cao (simplified Chinese: 四叶草; traditional Chinese: 四葉草; pinyin: sì yè cǎo, literally "four-leaf clover "), is a Malaysian singer-songwriter who rose to fame after the music video of her song, "Malaysia Chabor", gained more than 25 million views on YouTube. She is also a member of RED People, a group of artists supervised by controversial rapper-songwriter Namewee.

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