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- Noun

One who lives a jovial life.

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  • Ocrisiona jovialis

    Ocrisiona jovialis

    Apricia jovialis (syn.: Ocrisiona jovialis), known as the jovial jumper is a small species of jumping spider found in Australia. This dark spider with yellow bands is often seen sheltering on tree bark.

  • Pramadea ovialis

    Pramadea ovialis is a moth in the family Crambidae that is found in subtropical eastern and southern Africa, including islands of the Indian Ocean. The species has also been recorded from West Africa.

  • Eusko Sozialistak

    Eusko Sozialistak

    Eusko Sozialistak (English: Basque Socialists; ES) was a Basque socialist political party, with presence in the Spanish Basque Country. The leaders of ES were Javier Alonso and Mikel Salaberri .

  • Eusko Alderdi Sozialista

    Eusko Alderdi Sozialista (English: Basque Socialist Party; EAS) was an underground revolutionary socialist Basque political party.

  • Herriko Alderdi Sozialista

    Herriko Alderdi Sozialista

    Herriko Alderdi Sozialista (English: People's Socialist Party; HAS) was a revolutionary socialist Basque political party, with presence only in the French Basque Country.

  • Abertzale Sozialista Komiteak

    Abertzale Sozialista Komiteak

    Abertzale Sozialista Komiteak (English: Patriotic Socialist Committees; ASK) was a grassroots socialist and pro-self-management movement in the Basque Country. Its origins were the Herri Batzarak movement in Bizkaia.

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