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- Noun

One who jots down memoranda.

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  • The Jotter (horse)

    The Jotter is a racing horse. She was sired by Night Shift with Note Book as the dam.

  • George Sotter

    George W. Sotter (1879 – 1953) was an American painter best known for Impressionist -style works. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but eventually made his name in Philadelphia. He is also known for his work in stained glass, some of which are still installed in numerous churches. In the August 5, 2006 episode of Antiques Roadshow on PBS, filmed in Philadelphia, a Sotter oil painting was appraised at $120,000 to $180,000, much to the delight of its visibly stunned owner. Sotter studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy with artist and teacher Edward Redfield, 1869-1965, member of the regional New Hope group. Later, Sotter became a member of the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, 1910-1919.

  • Wotter


    Wotter is a village near Shaugh Prior on the south western edge of Dartmoor, in the English county of Devon. The village was founded in 1906: previously, there had only been a farm and two houses between Shaugh Prior and Lee Moor.

  • Stephen Totter

    Stephen Totter was an American operatic baritone.

  • Gerhard Zotter

    Gerhard Zotter (born April 24, 1941) is an Austrian judoka who competed in the 1964 Summer Olympics.

  • P. Votter

    P. Votter was an Italian luger.

  • Nicolas Jotterand

    Nicolas Jotterand

    Nicolas Jotterand (born April 13th, 1995) is a Swiss basketball player who plays as a shooting guard for the BBC Nyon basketball team.

  • Gabriel Schmegel Wotter Peres

    Gabriel Schmegel Wotter Peres (born 5 March 1997 in Brazil) is a professional footballer and a national of Brazil.

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