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- Noun

A pot or vessel with a large neck, formerly used by physicians and alchemists.

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  • Jorden

    Jorden is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jorden runt på 6 steg

    Jorden runt på 6 steg, "Around the World in 6 Steps", is a Swedish infotainment television series starring Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, produced by Nexiko Media and aired in Kanal 5 in 2015. The first season consisted of three 80-minute episodes and was aired in 2015. Filip and Fredrik have recorded a second season which started airing November 2016, and desire to export the format.

  • Jorden van Foreest

    Jorden van Foreest

    Jhr. Jorden van Foreest (born 30 April 1999) is a Dutch chess grandmaster. He was Dutch Chess Champion in 2016.

  • Edwin J. Jorden

    Edwin James Jorden (August 30, 1863 – September 7, 1903) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.

  • William Jorden

    William John Jorden (May 3, 1923 – February 20, 2009) was a diplomatic correspondent for The New York Times, United States Ambassador to Panama, and author.

  • Jorden Kite

    Jorden Kite

    Jorden Kite (born August 22nd, 1996) is an American basketball player from San Antonio who plays as a shooting guard for the Texas Lutheran Bulldogs basketball team.

  • Jorden Duffy

    Jorden Duffy

    Jorden Duffy is an American basketball player from Upper Marlboro, Maryland who plays as a combo guard.He was previously in the North Texas lineup.

  • Jorden Mangum

    Jorden Mangum

    Jorden Mangum is an American soccer player from Zachary, Louisiana who plays as a forward for the Baton Rouge SC soccer team.

  • Jorden Starling

    Jorden Starling

    Jorden Starling is an American football player from Chattanooga, Tennessee who plays as a strong-side defensive end for the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders football team.

  • Jorden Jefferson

    Jorden Jefferson

    Jorden Jefferson is a softball player who plays as a left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. She committed to play for the Ottawa University softball team.

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