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- Noun

A woman who has a jointure.

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  • Jointness (psychodynamics)

    Jointness is a term (R. Solan 1991 ) in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic theory, describing a new look at normal object relation that takes place from the beginning of life. Till nowadays symbiosis (propounded by Margaret Mahler 1968, 1975) is the common term for a normal object relation, while Ronnie Solan emphasizes that symbiosis represents impairment in object relation.

  • Jointness

    Jointness is a neologism coined by the United States Armed Forces to describe cross-service cooperation in all stages of the military processes, from research, through procurement and into operations. Today, it is accepted by many advanced militaries. Jointness is aimed at satisfying the requirements for increasing efficiency and economizing the military budget.

  • Parker Jointless

    The Parker Jointless "Lucky Curve" is a range of fountain pens released by the Parker Pen Company in 1898. The pen used the Lucky Curve ink supply system, designed to draw ink even when the pen was not in use, which was invented and patented by George Safford Parker in 1894. The pen was named "Jointless" because of its one-piece ink barrel, designed to prevent leakage, an innovation at the time – though the design made the refilling process messy. The pen was Parker's first to be advertised outside the United States. The American government purchased the pens in large quantities and a Parker Jointless was one of the pens used to sign the Spanish–American Treaty of Paris in 1898.

  • Draft:Parker Jointless

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