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- Noun

A woman who has a jointure.

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  • Hemarthria

    Hemarthria is a genus of herbaceous plants in the grass family. They occur in the tropical and subtropical Old World, especially in China and Southeast Asia, with some species in Africa, Australia, and southern Europe. They may be known generally as jointgrasses. see Coelorachis Mnesithea * Hemarthria perforata - * Hemarthria rugosa -

  • Deodatus of Nevers

    Deodatus (Dié, Didier, Dieudonné, Déodat, Adéodat) of Nevers (d. June 19, ca. 679 AD) was a bishop of Nevers from 655. Deodatus lived with Arbogast in the monastery of Ebersheim, established by Childeric II near Sélestat in the forest of Haguenau.

  • Jointure

    Jointure is, in law, a provision for a wife after the death of her husband. As defined by Sir Edward Coke, it is "a competent livelihood of freehold for the wife, of lands or tenements, to take effect presently in possession or profit after the death of her husband for the life of the wife at least, if she herself be not the cause of determination or forfeiture of it': (Co. Litt. 36b). The requisites of a legal jointure are:

  • Jointness

    Jointness is a neologism coined by the United States Armed Forces to describe cross-service

  • Parker Jointless

    The Parker Jointless "Lucky Curve" is a range of fountain pens released by the Parker Pen Company

  • Jointness (psychodynamics)

    Jointness is a term (R. Solan 1991) in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic theory, describing a new

  • Rivalry (economics)

    referred to as jointness of supply or subtractable or non-subtractable.

  • Compliant mechanism

    body deformation. These may be monolithic (single-piece) or jointless structures.

  • Coelorachis cylindrica

    , Carolina jointgrass, and pitted jointgrass. It is native to the southeastern United States. This grass

  • Arthraxon hispidus

    Arthraxon hispidus, is a grass commonly known as small carpetgrass or hairy jointgrass

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