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- Noun

The art, or trade, of a joiner; the work of a joiner.

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  • Joinery

    Joinery may refer to:

  • Dado (joinery)

    A dado (US and Canada), housing (UK) or trench (Europe) is a slot or trench cut into the surface of a piece of machinable material, usually wood. When viewed in cross-section, a dado has three sides. A dado is cut across, or perpendicular to, the grain and is thus differentiated from a groove which is cut with, or parallel to the grain. Dados are often used to affix shelves to cabinetry carcasses. Similar to the dado, see rabbet (rebate).

  • Joinery (historical)

    Historically, joinery was the medieval development of frame and panel construction, as a means of coping with timber's movement owing to moisture changes. Framed panel construction was utilized in furniture making. The development of joinery gave rise to "joyners", a group of woodworkers distinct from the carpenters and arkwrights (arks were an intermediate stage between a carpenter's boarded chest and a framed chest).

  • Alfredson's Joinery

    Alfredson's Joinery

    Alfredson's Joinery is a heritage-listed workshop at 28 King Street, Cooran, Shire of Noosa, Queensland, Australia. It was built from 1930s to 1950s. It is also known as Alfredson's Pre-Cut House Workshop and Alfredson's Sawmill. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 27 November 2008.

  • Joinery terms

    When material is removed to create a woodworking joint, the resulting surfaces have the following names:

  • Scribing (joinery)

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