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- Verb

A joining of causes of action or defense in civil suits or criminal prosecutions.

- Verb

A joining of parties as plaintiffs or defendants in a suit.

- Verb

Acceptance of an issue tendered in law or fact.

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  • Joinder

    In law, a joinder is the joining of two or more legal issues together. Procedurally, a joinder allows multiple issues to be heard in one hearing or trial and is done when the issues or parties involved overlap sufficiently to make the process more efficient or more fair. It helps courts avoid hearing the same facts multiple times or seeing the same parties return to court separately for each of their legal disputes. The term is also used in the realm of contracts to describe the joining of new parties to an existing agreement.

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  • Jointer


    A jointer or in some configurations, a jointer-planer (also known in the UK and Australia as a planer or surface planer, and sometimes also as a buzzer or flat top) is a woodworking machine used to produce a flat surface along a board's length. As a jointer, the machine operates on the narrow edge of boards, preparing them for use as butt joints or gluing into panels. A planer-jointer setup has the width that enables smoothing ('surface planing') and leveling the faces (widths) of boards small enough to fit the tables.

  • Jointer plane

    Jointer plane

    The jointer plane (also known as the try plane or trying plane) is a type of hand plane used primarily to straighten the edges of boards in the operation known as jointing. A jointer plane may also be used to flatten the face of a board. Its long length is designed to 'ride over' the undulations of an uneven surface, skimming off the peaks, gradually creating a flat surface. In thicknessing or preparing rough stock, the jointer plane is usually preceded by the fore plane or jack plane and followed by the smoothing plane.

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    Jhinder Bandi

    Jhinder Bondi (Bengali: ঝিন্দের বন্দী; English: Prisoner of Jhind) is a 1961 Indian Bengali-language historical drama film directed by Tapan Sinha, starring Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chatterjee, Arundhati Devi, Tarun Kumar and Radhamohan Bhattacharya in lead roles.

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