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- Noun

The literary style of Dr. Samuel Johnson, or one formed in imitation of it; an inflated, stilted, or pompous style, affecting classical words.

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  • Johnsons Glacier

    Johnsons Glacier

    Johnsons Glacier is the 1.8 km long and 2.3 km wide glacier on Hurd Peninsula, Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica bounded by Charrúa Ridge and Charrúa Gap to the north, Napier Peak to the east, Mirador Hill to the southeast, Hurd Ice Cap (from which it receives ice influx) to the southwest and Mount Reina Sofía to the west. It is draining northwestwards into Johnsons Dock. The glacier provides overland access from the Spanish base Juan Carlos Primero to the interior of the eastern Livingston Island.

  • Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant

    Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant is a family owned, casual dining restaurant in Sister Bay, Wisconsin; it is known for its Swedish cuisine and Scandinavian experience, as well as for the goats that live on its roof.

  • Johnson's Russia List

    Johnson's Russia List (JRL) is an email newsletter containing Russia-related news and analysis in English. David Johnson is the list's editor. The JRL generally comes out one or more times per day. JRL's content includes articles syndicated from other media outlets, as well as comments contributed by its readers. The JRL is a nonprofit project currently sponsored through the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at The George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. It was previously a project at the Center for Defense Information and World Security Institute.

  • Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine

    Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine

    Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine is a 2011 racing video game for the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. The game features NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson.

  • Johnson's Regiment of Militia

    Johnson's Regiment of Militia also known as the 4th Essex County Militia Regiment was first called up for the Siege of Boston and Bunker Hill in 1775. The regiment was called up a second time at Andover, Massachusetts on August 14, 1777 as reinforcements for the Continental Army during the Saratoga campaign. The regiment marched quickly to join the gathering forces of General Horatio Gates as he faced British General John Burgoyne in northern New York. The regiment served in General Warners' brigade and would capture six British cannon at the Battle of Bemis Heights. With the surrender of Burgoyne's Army on October 17, the regiment was disbanded on November 30, 1777.

  • Magic Johnson's Fast Break

    Magic Johnson's Fast Break

    Magic Johnson's Fast Break (alternatively titled Magic Johnson's Basketball) is a side-scrolling basketball sports game developed by Arcadia Systems and published in 1988. The game features the name and likeness of Los Angeles Lakers point guard Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr., and was endorsed by PepsiCo.

  • Mammy Johnsons River

    Mammy Johnsons River, a mostly perennial river of the Mid-Coast Council system, is located in the Mid North Coast and Upper Hunter regions of New South Wales, Australia.

  • Jesse Johnson's Revue

    Jesse Johnson's Revue

    Jesse Johnson's Revue is the debut studio album from American R&B musician Jesse Johnson, released in 1985 via A&M Records. The album peaked at #43 on the Billboard 200 and at #8 on the Billboard R&B chart.

  • Johnsons Air

    Johnsons Air was an airline registered in Ghana and based at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. Founded in 1996 by Farzin Azima, it operated ad hoc cargo services. The airline was one of eight airlines blacklisted in Belgium in 2005 due to operational safety concerns. In October 2006, the ban was extended to include all European Union communities. Johnsons Air meanwhile ceased operations.

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