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- Noun

The art, character, or position, of a jockey; the personality of a jockey.

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  • Rocketship Education

    Rocketship Education

    Rocketship Public Schools (RPS) is a non-profit charter school network headquartered in Redwood City, California.

  • Rocketship 7

    Rocketship 7 was a children's television series that aired weekday mornings on WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York from 1962 to 1978 and from 1992 to 1993.

  • PocketShip


    PocketShip is a stitch-and-glue pocket cruiser sailboat designed by John C. Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft.

  • RocketShip Tours

    RocketShip Tours

    RocketShip Tours is an American space tourism company founded in 2008 by travel industry entrepreneur Jules Klar and which planned to provide sub-orbital human spaceflights to the paying public, in partnership with rocketplane developer XCOR Aerospace. Klar created RocketShip Tours to act as General Sales Agent for XCOR Aerospace.

  • Rocketship (band)

    Rocketship is an indie pop band formed in Sacramento, California in 1993. Led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Dustin Reske with bassist Verna Brock, keyboardist Heidi Barney and drummer Jim Rivas, the group released the single "Hey, Hey, Girl" in 1994 and the album A Certain Smile, a Certain Sadness in 1996. After the album's release, the original line-up dissolved and Reske continued Rocketship essentially as a solo project, releasing the singles "Honey, I Need You" and "Get on the Floor (And Move It)" in 1997 and the albums Garden of Delights in 1999 and Here Comes... Rocketship in 2006.

  • Rocketship


    A spacecraft is a vehicle or machine designed to fly in outer space. A type of artificial satellite, spacecraft are used for a variety of purposes, including communications, Earth observation, meteorology, navigation, space colonization, planetary exploration, and transportation of humans and cargo. All spacecraft except single-stage-to-orbit vehicles cannot get into space on their own, and require a launch vehicle (carrier rocket).

  • Buster's Spanish Rocketship

    Buster's Spanish Rocketship

    Buster's Spanish Rocketship is the fourth and final album from Buster Poindexter, the alter ego of singer David Johansen. Following ...Rocketship, David Johansen returned to recording albums under his real name.

  • Rocketship 2010

    Rocketship 2010

    "Rocketship 2010" is the seventh single released by the band Shiny Toy Guns.

  • Golden Rocketship (horse)

    Golden Rocketship is a racing horse owned by David Alpert. She was bred by Bonnie Souther & Don Souther and sired by Muqtarib with Lynjoraean as the dam.

  • Rocketship (song)

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