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- Noun

Underhand management; official corruption; as, municipal jobbery.

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  • Great grain robbery

    The great grain robbery was the July 1972 purchase of 10 million tons of United States grain (mainly wheat and corn ) by the Soviet Union at subsidized prices, which resulted in higher grain prices in the United States. Grain prices soon reached 125-year highs in Chicago. In a 10-month span, soybeans went from $3.31 to $12.90 a bushel. Food prices around the world rose 50% in 1973. The U.S. government spent $300 million and by unwittingly subsidizing the Russian purchases (in 1971 and 1972 wheat crops in the Soviet Union suffered massive shortfalls; the U.S. Government, which had no idea of the scope of the problem, blithely negotiated a three-year deal that allowed the Kremlin to buy U.S. grain on credit; the Soviets spent their entire credit limit and more right away, and global grain prices skyrocketed: Just weeks after this grain deal was announced, the Earth-observing satellite Landsat 1 achieved orbit; if the satellite had launched a few months earlier, the so-called great grain robbery might never have happened), this event helped lead to the U.S. government seeking more information about global agricultural output via infrared satellite intelligence.

  • Robbery (album)

    Robbery (album)

    Robbery is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Teena Marie, released in 1983. It is her first album for Epic Records, following her acrimonious departure from Motown the previous year. The album was written and produced by Marie herself and features contributions from Patrice Rushen, Paulinho da Costa, and Steve Ferrone among others. However, the album did not repeat the success of her last Motown release It Must Be Magic (1981) stalling at number 13 on the Black Albums chart and only reaching number 119 on the Billboard Albums chart.

  • Securitas depot robbery

    The Securitas depot robbery was the largest cash robbery in British history. It took place on the evening of 21 February 2006 from 18:30 GMT until the early hours of 22 February 2006. Several men abducted and threatened the family of the manager, tied up fourteen staff members and stole £53,116,760 in bank notes from a Securitas Cash Management Ltd depot in Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent.

  • Great train robbery (1963)

  • Eastcastle Street robbery

    The Eastcastle Street robbery was, at the time, Britain's largest postwar robbery. It occurred on Wednesday 21 May 1952 in Eastcastle Street when seven masked men held up a post office van just off Oxford Street, central London. The robbers escaped with £287,000 (estimated to be worth, in 2018, approximately £8,110,000).

  • Brink's-Mat robbery

    The Brink's-Mat robbery occurred at the Heathrow International Trading Estate on 26 November 1983, with a record £26 million (today approximately £86 million) worth of gold bullion, diamonds, and cash stolen from a warehouse. The bullion was the property of Johnson Matthey Bankers Ltd, which collapsed the following year after making large loans to frauds and insolvent firms. Two men were convicted, and the majority of the gold has never been recovered. Insurers Lloyd's of London paid out for the losses. Several deaths have been linked to the case, and there are links to the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary in April 2015.

  • The Robbery

    "The Robbery" is the third episode of the first season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld .

  • Baker Street robbery

    Baker Street robbery

    The Baker Street robbery was the burglary of the safe deposit boxes at the Baker Street, London branch of Lloyds Bank, on the night of 11 September 1971.

  • Northern Bank robbery

    The Northern Bank robbery was a robbery of cash from the Donegall Square West headquarters of Northern Bank in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Carried out on 20 December 2004, a gang seized the equivalent of £26.5 million in pounds sterling and small amounts of other currencies, largely euros and US dollars, making it the largest bank robbery in British history. Although the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and the British and Irish governments claimed the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) was responsible (or had permitted others to undertake the raid), this is denied by the Provisional IRA and the political party Sinn Féin. Although one person has been convicted of money laundering, the investigation is still ongoing, and the case remains unsolved.

  • The Great Pyramid Robbery

    The Great Pyramid Robbery

    The Great Pyramid Robbery is a fantasy novel by English writer Katherine Roberts, the first book in The Seven Fabulous Wonders series and the prequel to The Babylon Game .

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