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- Noun

A statesman who pursues, or who favors, aggressive, domineering policy in foreign affairs.

- Noun

A word used as a jocular oath.

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  • Jingo

    Jingo may refer to:

  • Jingo (novel)

    Jingo (novel)

    Jingo is a fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett, part of his Discworld series. It was published in 1997.

  • Tensei Jingo

    Tensei Jingo (天声人語, literally, the voice of heaven is the voice of people) is the title of a column which appears on the front page of the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper. It is a translation of the Latin phrase as Vox Populi, Vox Dei ("The voice of the people is the voice of the gods"). The column is limited to 607 Japanese characters.

  • Jingo, West Virginia

    Jingo was an unincorporated community located in Roane County, West Virginia. The Jingo Post Office no longer exists.

  • Jingo, Kansas

    Jingo, Kansas

    Jingo is an unincorporated community in Miami County, Kansas, United States.

  • Jingo de Lunch

    Jingo de Lunch is a German punk band from Kreuzberg, Berlin. Most members had already a solid musical background, for instance Sepp Ehrensberger had played in the Berliner cult punk rock band called Vorkriegsjugend (1984–85), and also in Zerstörte Jugend with Tom Schwoll. Yvonne Ducksworth (a Canadian who arrived in Germany in 1983) had previously sung in Combat Not Conform. Before they gave birth to Jingo de Lunch in April 1987, with the help of Steve Hahn (on drums) and Henning Menke (bass), Tom Schwoll (guitar); Ehrensberger (guitar) and Ducksworth (vocals) played together in Manson Youth.

  • Jingo Tobimatsu

    Jingo Tobimatsu (October 16, 1883 – April 17, 1945) was the chief administrator (1915–1941) of the Kaishun Hospital, a Hansen's disease hospital in Kumamoto, under Hannah Riddell and Ada Hannah Wright.

  • Jingo & More Famous Tracks

    Jingo & More Famous Tracks

    Santana is an American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1966 by Mexican-American guitarist and songwriter Carlos Santana. The band has undergone multiple recording and performing line-ups in its history, with Santana the only consistent member. Santana had early success with their appearance at Woodstock in 1969 and their first three albums, Santana (1969), Abraxas (1970), and Santana III (1971). Other important core members during this period include Gregg Rolie, Mike Carabello, Michael Shrieve, David Brown, and José Areas, forming the "classic" line-up.

  • Jingo & More Famous Tracks

  • Fiddlers Jingo (horse)

    Fiddlers Jingo is a racing horse.

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