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- Verb i.

To wriggle or frisk about; to move awkwardly; to shake up and down.

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    Jiggle the Handle is a New England-based jam and rock band led by guitarist and front man Gary Backstrom, who is often considered "one of the most underrated, fluid, and melodic players in the Northeast".

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    Jiggle is a racing horse owned by Robert W. Radcliffe. She was sired by Strategic Mission.

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    Jiggle television is a term coined by NBC executive Paul Klein to criticize ABC's television production and marketing strategy under Fred Silverman. Klein referred to ABC's programs as "porn " in order to tap into the 1970s moral panic and anxiety over the spread of pornography, using the neologism to describe the use of female television celebrities moving in loose clothing or underwear in a way in which their breasts or buttocks could be seen to move, or "jiggle." An American invention, it was used to refer to programs such as Charlie's Angels , Wonder Woman and Three's Company , which used the sexuality of young women as appeal to their audiences. The program's plots were often sexist, full of innuendo and suggestive language, and unrealistic in nature. Producers of such series would make sure that its lead female actors would appear in a bikini, one-piece swimsuit, negligée, underwear, or naked under a towel, in each show.

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    A jiggle syphon (or siphon) is the combination of a syphon pipe and a simple priming pump that uses mechanical shaking action to pump enough liquid up the pipe to reach the highest point, and thus start the syphoning action.

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