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- Noun

Judea; also, a district inhabited by Jews; a Jews' quarter.

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  • Old Jewry

    Old Jewry

    Old Jewry is a one-way street in the City of London, the historic and financial centre of London. It is located within Coleman Street ward and links Poultry to Gresham Street.

  • Jewry Wall


  • Soviet Jewry Movement

    The Soviet Jewry movement was an international human rights campaign that advocated for the right of Jews in the Soviet Union to emigrate.

  • German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum Tefen

    German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum Tefen

    The German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum (Hebrew: המוזיאון ליהדות דוברת גרמנית‎) is a museum in the Tefen Industrial Park in the north of Israel and is carried by The Open Museum Tefen, to which belong several other museums and exhibitions. It was founded in 1968 in Nahariya by Israel Shiloni and moved in 1991 to Tefen.

  • Eastern European Jewry

    The expression 'Eastern European Jewry' has two meanings. The first meaning refers to the current political spheres of the Eastern European countries and the second refers to the Jewish kibbutzim in Russia and Poland. The phrase 'Eastern European Jews' or 'Jews of the East' (from German: Ostjuden) was established during the 19th century in the German Empire and in the western provinces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, aiming to distinguish the integrating Jews in Central Europe from those in the East. This feature deals with the second meaning of the concept of Eastern European Jewry- the Jewish groups that lived in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Romania, Hungary and modern Moldova in collective settlement (from Hebrew: Kibbutz- קיבוץ).

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  • Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

    Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center (Hebrew: מרכז מורשת יהדות בבל) in Or Yehuda, Israel, was founded in 1973 as a non-profit institution for the purpose of collecting, preserving and commemorating the heritage of Babylonian Jewry. For this purpose, the Center operates a research institute, publishing house, library and archives. As part of its activities, academic conferences are held, studies that examine aspects of poetry, prose, music, dance and plays, which are part of the heritage of Babylonian Jewry.

  • All Saints in the Jewry

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