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- Noun

Judea; also, a district inhabited by Jews; a Jews' quarter.

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  • Schism in Hungarian Jewry

    The Schism in Hungarian Jewry (Hungarian: ortodox–neológ szakadás, "Orthodox-Neolog Schism"; Yiddish: די טיילונג אין אונגארן‎, trans. Die Teilung in Ungarn, "The Division in Hungary") was the institutional division of the Jewish community in the Kingdom of Hungary between 1869 and 1871, following a failed attempt to establish a national, united representative organization. The founding congress of the new body was held during an ongoing conflict between the traditionalist Orthodox party and its modernist Neolog rivals, which had been raging for decades.

  • Statute of Jewry

    The Statute of Jewry was a statute issued by Henry III of England in 1253. In response to antisemitic feelings in medieval England, it attempted to segregate the Jews, including imposing the wearing of a Jewish badge. It is uncertain to what extent this legislation was put into effect.

  • Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry

    The Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (ASSJ) is a cross-disciplinary organization of individuals whose research concerns the Jewish people throughout the world.

  • Old Jewry

    Old Jewry

    Old Jewry is a one-way street in the City of London, the historic and financial centre of London. It is located within Coleman Street ward and links Poultry to Gresham Street.

  • Jewry Wall


  • Contemporary Jewry

    Contemporary Jewry is a peer reviewed academic journal published by the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry.

  • Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry

    Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry

    The Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, also known by its acronym SSSJ, was founded in 1964 by Jacob Birnbaum to be a spearhead of the U.S. movement for rights of the Soviet Jewry.

  • Jewry Wall Museum


  • Soviet Jewry Movement

    The Soviet Jewry movement was an international human rights campaign that advocated for the right of Jews in the Soviet Union to emigrate.

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