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- Noun

The throwing overboard of goods from necessity, in order to lighten a vessel in danger of wreck.

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    Jettison may refer to:

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    Jettison is a racing horse. She was sired by Special Rate with Monica's Jet as the dam.

  • Jettison (aviation)

    In aviation, to jettison is to discard fuel, external stores or other expendable items. The item is usually jettisoned by operating a switch or handle; external stores may be separated from the aircraft by use of explosive bolts or a mechanism.

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    Jettison (album)

    Jettison is the third album by Chicago punk band Naked Raygun, released on Caroline Records in 1988.

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    Oscar Bettison (born 19 September 1975) is a British/American composer known for large-scale chamber and large ensemble works. He has been described as possessing "a unique voice". His work has been described as having "An unconventional lyricism and a menacing beauty" and "pulsating with an irrepressible energy and vitality, as well as brilliant craftsmanship." He is a member of the composition faculty at the Peabody Institute. Bettison has recently been named a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow by the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.

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