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- Noun

Cunning; deceit; deceptive practices to effect a purpose; subtle argument; -- an opprobrious use of the word.

- Noun

The principles and practices of the Jesuits.

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    Casuistry (/ˈkæzjuɪstri/) is a process of reasoning that seeks to resolve moral problems by extracting or extending theoretical rules from a particular case, and reapplying those rules to new instances. This method occurs in applied ethics and jurisprudence. The term is also commonly used as a pejorative to criticize the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions (as in sophistry ). The word casuistry derives from the Latin noun casus ("case" or "occurrence").

  • Church of the Jesuits

    Church of the Jesuits

    The Church of the Circumcision of Our Lord (Maltese: Knisja taċ-Ċirkonċiżjoni tal-Mulej), commonly known as the Jesuits' church (Maltese: Knisja tal-Ġiżwiti), is one of the oldest churches in Valletta, Malta, and one of the largest in the diocese. It was originally built between 1593 and 1609 by the Jesuit order, and it is located adjacent to the Old University Building, which originally housed a Jesuit college known as the Collegium Melitense. The church was rebuilt in the Baroque style by Francesco Buonamici after suffering extensive damage in an explosion in 1634. The church remained in use after the Jesuits were expelled from Malta in 1768, and it is also used for Masters and Doctoral graduation ceremonies of the University of Malta, the successor to the Collegium Melitense.

  • Ex Jesuits' College

    Ex Jesuits' College

    The ex Jesuits' College (in Italian Collegio dei Gesuiti ) is a building in the town centre of Alcamo (in the province of Trapani ).

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    Jesuit(s) Garden(s) may refer to:

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  • Act against Jesuits, Seminary priests and other such like disobedient persons

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