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- Noun

An oversight in pleading, or the acknowledgment of a mistake or oversight.

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  • UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

    UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

    The UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (abbreviated as CWC) was a football club competition contested annually by the most recent winners of all European domestic cup competitions. The cup was one of the many inter-European club competitions that have been organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA ). The first competition was held in the 1960–61 season — but not recognised by the governing body of European football until two years later. The final tournament was held in 1998–99, after which it was absorbed into the UEFA Cup.

  • Sofa

    A couch (U.S. English, Irish English, Australian English and South African English ), also known as a sofa, futon, or settee (British English ) is a piece of furniture for seating two or three people in the form of a bench, with armrests, which is partially or entirely upholstered, and often fitted with springs and tailored cushions. Although a couch is used primarily for seating, it may be used for sleeping. In homes, couches are normally found in the family room, living room, den, or the lounge. They are sometimes also found in non-residential settings such as hotels, lobbies of commercial offices, waiting rooms, and bars.

  • UEFA Euro 2004 bids

    The bidding process for UEFA Euro 2004 ended on 11 October 1999, in Aachen, Germany, when Portugal was selected as the host, beating Spain and the joint bid of Austria –Hungary.

  • 2009 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualification Group 1

    The teams competing in Group 1 of the 2009 UEFA European Under-21 Championships qualifying competition are Albania, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Greece and Italy.

  • 1998 UEFA European Under-21 Championship

    1998 UEFA European Under-21 Championship

    The 1998 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, which spanned two years (1996–98), had 46 entrants. Before the quarter-finals stage, Romania were chosen as the hosts of the final stages, consisting of four matches in total.

  • 1982 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 1

    Group 1 consisted of five of the 34 teams entered into the European zone: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, and West Germany. These five teams competed on a home-and-away basis for two of the 14 spots in the final tournament allocated to the European zone, with the group's winner and runner-up claiming those spots.

  • UEFA competitions

    UEFA competitions, also referred to by the mass media as European football, [Note 1] are the competitions organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), generally in professional and amateur association football and futsal. The term was established by the Confederation to differentiate the tournaments under its administration from other international competitions held in Europe between 1960 and 1990, such as the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, Karl Rappan Cup, Cup of the Alps, Balkans Cup and Mitropa Cup (as well as some which had already been discontinued by 1960 such as the Latin Cup ), tournaments still not recognised by the organization. The Confederation is the only organization with legal authority over these tournaments and considers only results in these competitions in calculating and communicating confederation-level official records and statistics and setting combined values in inter-club football.

  • 2014–15 UEFA Champions League group stage

    The 2014–15 UEFA Champions League group stage was played from 16 September to 10 December 2014. A total of 32 teams competed in the group stage to decide the 16 places in the knockout phase of the 2014–15 UEFA Champions League.

  • 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship

    2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship

    2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship was the 19th staging of UEFA's European Under-21 Championship. The final tournament was hosted by Israel between the 5–18 June 2013.

  • 2011 UEFA European Under-17 Championship elite round

    2011 UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship (Elite Round) was the second round of qualifications for the final tournament of UEFA U-17 Championship 2011. The 28 teams advancing from the qualifying round were distributed into seven groups of four teams each, with each group contesting in a round-robin format, with one of the four teams hosting all six group games. The seven group-winning teams automatically qualified for the final tournament in Serbia. Each team was placed in one of four drawing pots, according to their qualifying round results. The seven sides with the best records were placed in Pot A, and so forth until Pot D, which contained the seven teams with the weakest records. During the draw, each group were filled with one team from every pot, with the only restriction being that teams that played each other in the first qualifying round can not be drawn into the same group again. The draw was held at 30 November, 2010 at 11:15 (CET ) at Nyon, Switzerland.

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