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- Noun

A gem of an azure color.

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    Jamel is a German village in the municipality of Gägelow, in the Nordwestmecklenburg district, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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    Mount Lebanon Governorate (Arabic: محافظة جبل لبنان‎) is one of the eight governorates of Lebanon. Its capital is Baabda. The majority of the population is Druze and Christian (chiefly Maronite, Greek Orthodox, and Melkite), with a smaller minority of Muslims of various sects. This governorate is named after the mountainous region of Mount Lebanon and, except for the small Beirut Governorate, spans the area along the Mediterranean coast between Lebanon's North Governorate and South Governorate.

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    Gibraltar ( jih-BRAWL-tər, Spanish: [xiβɾalˈtaɾ]) is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It has an area of 6.7 km2 (2.6 sq mi) and is bordered to the north by Spain. The landscape is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar at the foot of which is a densely populated town area, home to over 32,000 people, primarily Gibraltarians.

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