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- Noun

A name given to a free-booting, unenlisted, armed man or guerrilla.

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  • Jayhawker

    Jayhawkers and red legs are terms that came to prominence in Kansas Territory, during the Bleeding Kansas period of the 1850s; they were adopted by militant bands affiliated with the free-state cause during the American Civil War. These gangs were guerrillas who often clashed with pro-slavery groups from Missouri, known at the time in Kansas Territory as "Border Ruffians." After the Civil War, the word "Jayhawker" became synonymous with the people of Kansas, or anybody born in Kansas. Today a modified version of the term, Jayhawk, is used as a nickname for a native-born Kansan, but more typically for a student, fan, or alumnus of the University of Kansas.

  • Jayhawkers (film)

    Jayhawkers is an American sports drama/biographical film directed by Kevin Willmott, following the life of Wilt Chamberlain, Phog Allen, and the 1956 Kansas Jayhawks basketball team.

  • The Jayhawkers!

    The Jayhawkers!

    The Jayhawkers! is a 1959 American Technicolor VistaVision film directed by Melvin Frank, starring Jeff Chandler as Luke Darcy and Fess Parker as Cam Bleeker. The film is set in pre-Civil War Kansas. Darcy leads a gang which seeks to take advantage of Bleeding Kansas (loosely based on abolitionist John Brown; Bleeker joins the gang. The supporting cast features Henry Silva and Leo Gordon.

  • Jayhawk Owens

    Claude Jayhawk Owens II (born February 10, 1969 in Cincinnati, Ohio ) is a former Major League Baseball catcher. He played four seasons in the majors, from 1993 to 1996, all for the Colorado Rockies.

  • Jayhawk, California

    Jayhawk (formerly, Jay Hawk) is an unincorporated community in El Dorado County, California. It is located 6.5 miles (10 km) southwest of Coloma, at an elevation of 1161 feet (354 m).

  • Jaywalker (horse)

    Jaywalker is a racing horse owned by Ms. M. Austerfield. She was bred by Kilfrush Stud and sired by Footstepsinthesand with Nipping as the dam.

  • Kansas Jayhawk men's basketball

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