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- Noun

The bone of either jaw; a maxilla or a mandible.

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    Jawbone is the pseudonym of Bob Zabor, an American blues musician from Detroit. He is particularly unusual in that he is a one-man band. The instruments he plays include the harmonica, the guitar and the tambourine. He deliberately aims for a lo-fi sound, akin to early blues recordings.

  • Jawbone (film)

    Jawbone (film)

    Jawbone is a 2017 British drama film directed by Thomas Q. Napper and written by Johnny Harris. The film stars Johnny Harris, Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, Michael Smiley, Luke J.I. Smith and Anna Wilson-Hall. The film was released on 12 May 2017 by Vertigo Films.

  • Jawbone (disambiguation)

    Jawbone may refer to:

  • Jawbone (headset)

  • Jawbone (musical instrument)

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