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- Noun sing. & Plural

A native or natives of Java.

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  • Javanese language

    Javanese (; ꦧꦱꦗꦮ, basa Jawa; Javanese pronunciation: [bɔsɔ d͡ʒɔwɔ]; colloquially known as ꦕꦫꦗꦮ

  • Javanese script

    The Javanese script, natively known as Aksara Jawa (ꦲ (a)ꦏ꧀ꦱ (ksa)ꦫ (ra)ꦗ (ja)ꦮ (wa

  • Javanese people

    The Javanese people (Javanese: Ngoko: ꦮꦺꦴꦁꦗꦮ (Wong Jawa), Krama: ꦠꦶꦪꦁꦗꦮꦶ (Tiyang Jawi); (Indonesian

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    Japanese people (Japanese: 日本人, Hepburn: nihonjin) are an ethnic group that is native

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    Japanese (日本語, Nihongo [ɲihoŋɡo] ()) is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people

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    Javanese cuisine is the cuisine of Javanese people, a major ethnic group in Indonesia, more

  • Javanese calendar

    The Javanese calendar (Javanese: ꦥꦤꦁꦒꦭ꧀ꦭꦤ꧀ꦗꦮ, romanized: Pananggalan Jawa) is the calendar

  • Javanese poetry

    Javanese poetry (poetry in the Javanese or especially the Kawi language; Low Javanese: tembang

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    J-pop (Japanese: ジェイポップ, jeipoppu; often stylized as J-POP; an abbreviation for Japanese pop

  • Javanese cat

    The Javanese, also known as the Colorpoint (or Colourpoint) Longhair in some registries (though

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