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- Noun

A compact siliceous rock resembling jasper.

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  • Jaspilyte

  • Jaspillite

    Jaspillite, or jaspilite, is a chemical rock formed similar to chert, but is generally quite iron rich. It is also known as jasper taconite . Jaspillite is typically a banded mixture of hematite and quartz common in the banded iron formation rocks of Proterozoic and Archaean age in the Canadian shield.

  • Juan Masili: Ang Pinuno ng Tulisan

    Juan Masili: Ang Pinuno ng Tulisan

    Juan Masili: Ang Pinuno ng Tulisan ("Juan Masili: The Leader of Bandits" or "Juan Masili: The Bandit Leader") is a 1906 Tagalog-language novel written by Filipino novelist Patricio Mariano. Based on Project Gutenberg, the original format of the title of the novel was rendered as Juan Masili o Ang Pinuno ng Tulisan meaning "Juan Masili or The Leader of Bandits", therefore the title could stand alone either as Juan Masili or as Ang Pinuno ng Tulisan. The 24-page short novel was published in Manila, Philippines by Libreria Luzonica during the American era in Philippine history.

  • Jaspal Rana

    Jaspal Rana (born 28 June 1976) is an Indian shooter. He contested mainly in the 25 m Centre Fire Pistol category. He was a gold medallist at the 1994 Asian Games, 1998 Commonwealth Games - Men's Center Fire Pistol, Men's Center Fire Pistol Pairs, 2002 Commonwealth Games - Men's 25m Center Fire Pistol, 2006 Commonwealth Games - Men's 25m Center Fire Pistol Pairs, and 2006 Asian Games. At present, Rana coaches at the Jaspal Rana Institute of Education and Technology in Dehradun.

  • Vasili Mitrokhin

    Vasili Mitrokhin

    Vasili Nikitich Mitrokhin (Russian: Васи́лий Ники́тич Митро́хин; March 3, 1922 – January 23, 2004) was a major and senior archivist for the Soviet Union's foreign intelligence service, the First Chief Directorate of the KGB, who defected to the United Kingdom in 1992 after providing the British embassy in Riga with a vast collection of KGB files, which became known as the Mitrokhin Archive. The intelligence files given by Mitrokhin to the MI6 exposed an unknown number of Russian agents, including Melita Norwood.

  • Vasili Kuznetsov

    Vasili Kuznetsov may refer to:

  • Jaspal Singh

    Jaspal Singh may refer to:

  • Elliot G. Jaspin

    Elliot G. Jaspin (born May 27, 1946) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist.

  • Vasili Eremenko

    Vasyl Yeremenko (Ukrainian: Василь Єременко, Russian: Василий Еременко: Vasili/Vassily Eremenko, born 10 May 1973) is a Ukrainian former competitive figure skater. He is the 1991 World Junior champion and 1991 Skate Canada International silver medalist for the Soviet Union. In 1992, he began representing Ukraine. Valentyn Nikolayev and Georgy Starkov coached him in Odessa.

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