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- Noun

A shaking; a tremulous motion; as, the jarring of a steamship, caused by its engines.

- Noun

Discord; a clashing of interests.

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  • Jarring Effects

    Jarring Effects is a French musical label based in Lyon, south-east of France. Jarring Effects encourages musicians to be independent, produce the music themselves, be creative and to make music they enjoy rather than trying to make it commercially viable. It was created on an associative basis and remains an association.

  • Jarring Mission

    Jarring Mission

    The Jarring Mission refers to efforts undertaken by Gunnar Jarring to achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors following the Six-Day War in 1967. He was appointed on 23 November 1967 by UN Secretary-General, U Thant, as Special Envoy under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 242 to negotiate the implementation of the resolution.

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    Gunnar Valfrid Jarring (12 October 1907 – 29 May 2002) was a Swedish diplomat and Turkologist.

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    The Four Lords of the Warring States were four powerful aristocrats of the late Warring States period of Chinese history who exerted a strong influence on the politics of their respective states in the third century BCE.

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    The Seven Warring States or Seven Kingdoms (simplified Chinese: 战国七雄; traditional Chinese: 戰國七雄; pinyin: zhàn guó qī xióng) refers to the seven leading states during the Warring States period (c. 475 to 221 BC) of ancient China:

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    The Warring States

    The Warring States period (simplified Chinese: 战国时代; traditional Chinese: 戰國時代; pinyin: Zhànguó Shídài) was an era in ancient Chinese history characterized by warfare, as well as bureaucratic and military reforms and consolidation. It followed the Spring and Autumn period and concluded with the Qin wars of conquest that saw the annexation of all other contender states, which ultimately led to the Qin state's victory in 221 BC as the first unified Chinese empire, known as the Qin dynasty.

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