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- Noun

The mahoganylike wood of the Australian Eucalyptus marginata. See Eucalyptus.

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  • Sheikh Jarrah

    Sheikh Jarrah (Arabic: الشيخ جراح‎, Hebrew: שייח' ג'ראח) is a predominantly Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem, 2 kilometers north of the Old City, on the road to Mount Scopus. It received its name from the 13th-century tomb of Sheikh Jarrah, a physician of Saladin, located within its vicinity. The modern neighborhood was founded in 1865 and gradually became a residential center of Jerusalem's Muslim elite, particularly the al-Husayni family. After the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, it straddled the no-man's land area between Jordanian -held East Jerusalem and Israeli -held West Jerusalem until the neighborhood was occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. It is currently the center of a number of property disputes between Palestinians and Israelis. Most of its present Palestinian population is said to come from refugees expelled from Jerusalem's Talbiya neighbourhood in 1948.

  • Rami Jarrah

    Rami Jarrah

    Rami Jarrah (Arabic: رامي الجراح‎) (born 11 June 1984 Nicosia ) is a Syrian political activist who was often cited by international media outlets under the pseudonym Alexander Page during the Syrian civil war. The barring of most international journalists from Syria by the government made such information particularly valuable. He was "outed" by the Syrian intelligence some time in September/October 2011 and fled to Egypt with his wife and daughter where he posts comments to Facebook and Twitter and continues to use the name Alexander Page.

  • Jarrah (disambiguation)

    Jarrah or Eucalyptus marginata is one of the most common species of Eucalyptus tree in the southwest of Western Australia.

  • Assem Jarrah

    Assem Omar Jarrah (Arabic: عاصم جراح‎, ‘Āsim Jarrāḥ; born 1962 in Lebanon ) is conflictingly reported as either the great-uncle or distant cousin of Ziad Jarrah, one of the hijackers of the September 11 attacks. His work permit was found in the smouldering remains of United Airlines Flight 93 along with Ziad's charred passport.

  • Sheykh Jarrah

    Sheykh Jarrah (Persian: شيخ جراح‎, also Romanized as Sheykh Jarrāḩ, Shaikh Jarrāh, Sheikh Jarah, and Sheykh Jarāḩ) is a village in Mehraban-e Sofla Rural District, Gol Tappeh District, Kabudarahang County, Hamadan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 1,074, in 212 families.

  • Nahr-e Jarrah

    Nahr-e Jarrah (Persian: نهرجراح‎, also Romanized as Nahr-e Jarrāḩ; also known as Nahr-e Jarrāḩ-e ‘Olyā) is a village in Buzi Rural District, in the Central District of Shadegan County, Khuzestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 432, in 76 families.

  • Jarrah (Surgeon)

    Jarrah (Arabic: الجراح‎, Urdu: جراح‎) is an Arabic-language word for surgeon.

  • Khvajeh Jarrah

    Khvajeh Jarrah (Persian: خواجه جراح‎, also Romanized as Khvājeh Jarrāḩ) is a village in Chenaran Rural District, in the Central District of Chenaran County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 335, in 100 families.

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