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- Noun

A poisonous serpent of Brazil (Bothrops jararaca), about eighteen inches long, and of a dusky, brownish color, variegated with red and black spots.

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    Jararaca may refer to:

  • EE-3 Jararaca

    EE-3 Jararaca

    The EE-3 Jararaca is a Brazilian scout car developed for route reconnaissance, liaison, and internal security purposes. It was engineered by Engesa in response to a perceived Brazilian Army requirement for a light armored car capable of replacing its unarmored utility vehicles in the liaison and security role. The first Jararaca prototype appeared in 1979 and serial production commenced in 1982 after extensive operational testing in Brazil. It was ultimately rejected for large scale service with the Brazilian Army due to concerns over the limited mobility of its four-wheeled chassis but achieved some minor successes on the export market.

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    The Jararaca River is a river of ParanĂ¡ state in southern Brazil.

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