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- Noun

Jesting; buffoonery.

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  • Japeri


    Japeri (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒapeˈɾi]) is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeast region of Brazil. This city was founded on June 30, 1991. Is very known to be located next to the last station of the largest branch of the railroad of Brazil (Central do Brasil ), whose image has been stamps in Brazil. The construction date of 1858 and was incorporated into the Central do Brasil in 1903. It was the first stop of compositions for São Paulo, including the famous Trem de Prata (Silver Train).

  • Napery

    Napery (from Old French naperie ) is linen used for household purposes, such as table linen. Historically it was the office in a medieval household responsible for the washing and storage of these items. It was headed by a naperer. This office worked closely together with the offices of the laundry (washing and storage of clothing ) and the ewery (water and the vessels for drinking or washing of the person), and the three could be concurrent in smaller households.

  • Al Javery

    Alva William Javery (June 5, 1918 – August 16, 1977) was a professional Major League Baseball pitcher who played from 1940–1946, spending all seven seasons with the Boston Bees and Braves. He became a key part of the rotation during World War II, which he did not serve in due to varicose veins. Nicknamed "Beartracks", he made his debut on April 23, 1940.

  • Aper Aku

    Aper Aku

    Aper Aku (1938–1988) was elected governor of Benue State, Nigeria in October 1979 and reelected in October 1983, leaving office after the military coup in December 1983 which General Mohammadu Buhari came to power.

  • Gaius Septimius Severus Aper

    Gaius Septimius Severus Aper (c. 175 - 211/212) was a Roman aristocrat. He was appointed Consul Ordinarius in 207 with the otherwise unknown Lucius Annius Maximus.

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