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- Noun

A jester; a buffoon.

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    The Luer taper is a standardized system of small-scale fluid fittings used for making leak-free connections between a male-taper fitting and its mating female part on medical and laboratory instruments, including hypodermic syringe tips and needles or stopcocks and needles. Currently ISO 80369 governs the Luer standards and testing methods.

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    Japeri (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒapeˈɾi]) is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeast region of Brazil. This city was founded on June 30, 1991. Is very known to be located next to the last station of the largest branch of the railroad of Brazil (Central do Brasil ), whose image has been stamps in Brazil. The construction date of 1858 and was incorporated into the Central do Brasil in 1903. It was the first stop of compositions for São Paulo, including the famous Trem de Prata (Silver Train).

  • Taper

    Taper may refer to:

  • Petar Zaper

    Petar Zaper

    Petar Zaper (born May 6th, 1999) is a Croatian basketball player who plays as a combo guard.He was previously in the KK Alkar lineup.

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