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- Noun

One who varnishes in the manner of the Japanese, or one skilled in the art.

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  • Japan–New Zealand relations

    Japan–New Zealand relations

    Japan–New Zealand relations refers to the diplomatic relations between Japan and New Zealand. Both nations are members of APEC, Australia Group, CPTPP, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations.

  • Japan–Netherlands relations

    Japan–Netherlands relations

    Japanese–Dutch relations (Dutch: Japans-Nederlandse betrekkingen, Japanese: 日蘭関係) describes the foreign relations between Japan and the Netherlands. Relations between Japan and the Netherlands date back to 1609, when the first formal trade relations were established.

  • Japan–North Korea relations

    Japan–North Korea relations

    Japan–North Korea relations (Japanese: 日朝関係; Korean: 조일 관계) refers to international relations between Japan and North Korea. Relations between Japan and North Korea have not been formally established, but there have been diplomatic talks between the two governments to discuss the issue of kidnapped Japanese citizens and North Korea's nuclear program. Relations between the two countries are severely strained and marked by tension and hostility. According to a 2014 BBC World Service poll, 91% of Japanese people view North Korea's influence negatively, with just 1% expressing a positive view; the most negative perception of North Korea in the world.

  • Japan-Netherlands Institute

    The Japan-Netherlands Institute (日蘭学会) is a research institute founded in 1975 to carry out research on historical Dutch-Japanese relations and to foster and promote modern academic and cultural exchange. In 1986, they received the Japan Foundation's special prize for contributions to cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and other countries.

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