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- Noun

Work varnished and figured in the Japanese manner; also, the varnish or lacquer used in japanning.

- Verb

To cover with a coat of hard, brilliant varnish, in the manner of the Japanese; to lacquer.

- Verb

To give a glossy black to, as shoes.

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    Sagamihara, Japan stabbings July 2016

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  • Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident

    Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident

    Japan Air Lines flight 1628 was a UFO incident that occurred on November 17, 1986 involving a Japanese Boeing 747-200F cargo aircraft. The aircraft was en route from Paris to Narita International Airport, near Tokyo, with a cargo of Beaujolais wine. On the Reykjavík to Anchorage section of the flight, at 17:11 over eastern Alaska, the crew first witnessed two unidentified objects to their left. These abruptly rose from below and closed in to escort their aircraft. Each had two rectangular arrays of what appeared to be glowing nozzles or thrusters, though their bodies remained obscured by darkness. When closest, the aircraft's cabin was lit up and the captain could feel their heat on his face. These two craft departed before a third, much larger disk-shaped object started trailing them. Anchorage Air Traffic Control obliged and requested an oncoming United Airlines flight to confirm the unidentified traffic, but when it and a military craft sighted JAL 1628 at about 17:51, no other craft could be distinguished. The sighting lasted 50 minutes and ended in the vicinity of Mount Denali.

  • List of Cultural Properties of Japan - structures (Kochi)

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