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- Noun

The doctrine of Jansen regarding free will and divine grace.

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  • Jansenism

    Jansenism was a theological movement, primarily in France, that emphasized original sin, human

  • Cornelius Jansen

    ; 28 October 1585 – 6 May 1638) was the Dutch Catholic bishop of Ypres in Flanders and the father of a theological movement known as Jansenism.

  • Jansen's wrasse

    Jansen's wrasse (Thalassoma jansenii) is a species of ray-finned fish, a wrasse from the family

  • Jansen's metaphyseal chondrodysplasia

    Jansen's metaphyseal chondrodysplasia (JMC) is a disease that results from ligand-independent

  • Dysschema jansonis

    Dysschema jansonis is a moth of the family Erebidae. It was described by Arthur Gardiner Butler in 1870. It is found in Nicaragua.

  • Autochloris jansonis

    Autochloris jansonis is a moth of the subfamily Arctiinae. It was described by Arthur Gardiner

  • Pelopidas jansonis

    Pelopidas jansonis is a butterfly in the family Hesperiidae (Hesperiinae). It is endemic to Japan

  • Janeite

    The term Janeite has been both embraced by devotees of the works of Jane Austen and used as a term of opprobrium. According to Austen scholar Claudia Johnson Janeitism is "the self-consciously idolatrous enthusiasm for 'Jane' and every detail relative to her". During the 1930s and 1940s, when Austen's works were canonized and accepted within the academy, the term began to change meaning. It was used to signify those who appreciated Austen in the "wrong" way and the term, according to Lynch, is "now used almost exclusively about and against other people" (emphasis in original).

  • Anne Geneviève de Bourbon

    for her beauty and amours, her influence during the civil wars of the Fronde, and her final conversion to Jansenism.

  • Regiminis Apostolici

    personnel and teachers" to subscribe to an included formulary, the Formula of Submission for the Jansenists:

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