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- Noun

A long pole on two wheels, used in hauling logs.

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  • Janker

    Janker may refer to:

  • Josef W. Janker

    Josef Wilhelm Janker (7 August 1922; Wolfegg – 17 April 2010; Ravensburg ) was a German author and World War II veteran.

  • Janker (disambiguation)

  • Janker, Michael

  • Michael Janker

    Michael Janker

    Michael Janker (born 23 March 1992) is a German sports shooter. He competed in the men's 10 metre air rifle event at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

  • Christoph Janker

    Christoph Janker

    Christoph Janker (born 14 February 1985) is a German football centre back.

  • Brazilian tanker Almirante Gastao Motta (G23)

  • Okobie road tanker explosion

    The Okobie road tanker explosion occurred on 12 July 2012 when a tank truck in Okobie, Nigeria, fell into a ditch, spilled its petrol contents, and subsequently exploded, killing at least 121.

  • Kirki (tanker)

    The Kirki was a 210 metre long Greek-registered oil tanker which caught fire on 21 July 1991, 30 km west of the fishing town of Cervantes, Western Australia. The fire resulted in the ship's bow tearing off, rupturing the forward storage tanks and causing an oil spill initially estimated at 2.9 million gallons. The oil caught fire above the water approximately six times, due to electrical cables that were sparking on the severed part of the bow. The crew sent out a distress call and were quickly rescued by Australian authorities. The ship was towed to Cape Preston where the majority of the light crude oil and heavy fuel oil were pumped to another tanker. Kirki was then towed to Singapore. At the time it was the worst oil spill to have occurred in Australian waters.

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