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- Noun

A silk fabric, with a woven pattern of sprigs of flowers.

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  • Jamdani


    Jamdani (Bengali: জামদানি) is a fine muslin textile of Bengal, produced for centuries in South Rupshi of Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. The historic production of jamdani was patronized by imperial warrants of the Mughal emperors. Under British colonialism, the Bengali jamdani and muslin industries rapidly declined due to colonial import policies favoring industrially manufactured textiles. In more recent years, the production of jamdani has witnessed a revival in Bangladesh. Jamdani is typically woven using a mixture of cotton and gold thread.

  • Uppada Jamdani Sari

    Uppada Jamdani Sari is a silk sari style woven in Uppada of East Godavari district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was registered as one of the geographical indication from Andhra Pradesh by Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. Uppada Jamdani saris are known for their light weight.

  • Mohammad Salman Hamdani

    Mohammad Salman Hamdani

    Mohammad Salman Hamdani (Urdu: محمد سلمان ہمدانی‎) (December 28, 1977 – September 11, 2001) was a Pakistani American scientist, New York City Police Department cadet and Emergency Medical Technician who was killed in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorism attacks on the World Trade Center, where he had gone to try to help. In the weeks following 9/11, reports surfaced that the missing Hamdani was being investigated for possible involvement with the perpetrators, but this suspicion proved to be false and he was subsequently hailed as a hero by the New York City mayor and police commissioner.

  • Ramdani Lestaluhu

    Rizky Ramdani Lestaluhu (born 5 November 1991 in Tulehu) is an Indonesian footballer who currently plays for Persija Jakarta.

  • Mohammed Mamdani

    Mohammed Mamdani

    Mohammed Sadiq Mamdani (born 8 February 1983) is a British social entrepreneur and activist, who is currently the Director of Kijana Kwanza. He is known for his extensive work in founding charitable organisations; including Muslim Youth Helpline, Al-Mizan and Sufra. Mamdami is an advocate on youth issues, particularly those affecting young people from minority communities and has stated he combines his experience from everything he's done to challenge cultural taboos around social issues and empower young people to play an active role in their communities.

  • Michael John Hamdani

    A Pakistani Canadian document-forger and immigrant-smuggler, Michael John Hamdani (also Amarjit Singh Sangha, Azam Shah, Ranjit Singh, Ahmad Malik ) rose to notoriety after he entered a plea bargain with authorities, and triggered a manhunt for five fictitious Middle Eastern terrorists he invented. Authorities were later chastised for crying wolf, and frightening the public with a terrorism alert from the information they had.

  • Hamdani, Yemen

    Hamdani is a village in west-central Yemen. It is located in the San‘a’ Governorate.

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