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- Noun

A South American wild cat (Felis jaguarondi), having a long, slim body and very short legs. Its color is grayish brown, varied with a blackish hue. It is arboreal in its habits and feeds mostly on birds.

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  • Gulf Coast jaguarundi

    Gulf Coast jaguarundi

    The Gulf Coast jaguarundi is a population of the jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi). Two of these populations—the Gulf Coast jaguarundi and the Sinaloan jaguarundi—are considered endangered and were put on the endangered list on June 14, 1976. These cats are placed under the family Felidae and the subfamily Felinae because of their small size. As of 2017, the Cat Classification Taskforce of the Cat Specialist Group does not recognise any subspecies of jaguarundi.

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