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- Noun

A village or district the government and revenues of which are assigned to some person, usually in consideration of some service to be rendered, esp. the maintenance of troops.

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  • Jaghir

    A jagir (IAST: Jāgīr), also spelled as jageer, was a type of feudal land grant in the Indian subcontinent at the foundation of its Jagirdar system. It developed during the Islamic rule era of the Indian subcontinent, starting in the early 13th century, wherein the powers to govern and collect tax from an estate was granted to an appointee of the state. The tenants were considered to be in the servitude of the jagirdar. There were two forms of jagir, one being conditional and the other unconditional. The conditional jagir required the governing family to maintain troops and provide their service to the state when asked. The land grant was called iqta , usually for a holder's lifetime, and the land reverted to the state upon the death of the jagirdar.

  • Saiyed Saghir Ahmad

    Saiyed Saghir Ahmad (born 1 July 1935) was a judge of the Supreme Court of India.

  • Jagbir Singh Brar

    Jagbir Singh Brar

    Jagbir Singh Brar is an Indian politician from the state of Punjab. He is a member of Indian National Congress. Brar won the seat of Jalandhar Cantt Assembly Constituency in the 2007 Punjab Legislative Assembly elections. He is also former President of DCC Jalandhar. Brar served as a Block development panchayat officer before joining politics. Brar was appointed as Chairman of Punjab Water Resources Management and Development Corporation in 2019 by the Punjab Government.

  • Jaghin

    Jaghin (Persian: جغین‎) may refer to:

  • Ad Dawh as Saghir

    Ad Dawh as Saghir is a village in Makkah Province, in western Saudi Arabia.

  • Saghir Hossain

    Saghir Hossain

    Gazi Saghir Hossain is a First-class and List A cricketer from Bangladesh. He was born on 14 August 1986 in Khulna and is a right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper who is sometimes referred to on scoresheets by his nickname Pavel. He played for Khulna Division from 2004/05 through 2006/07 and has also appeared for Bangladesh age group representative teams and the Bangladesh Cricket Board XI in 2004/05 and Bangladesh A in 2006 and 2007.

  • Saghir Akhtar

    Saghir Akhtar is professor in the College of Medicine, Qatar University, and editor in chief of the Journal of Drug Targeting .

  • Jagbir Singh Chhina

    Jagbir Singh Chhina

    Jagbir Singh Chhina was a freedom fighter who worked during freedom movement with Comrade Achhar Singh Chhina, Pratap Singh Kairon, Sohan Singh Josh, Mohan Singh Batth, Gurdial Singh Dhillon and Harkishan Singh Surjeet against the British empire. He served the community since 1938 as an active member of the society.

  • Karatin Saghir

    Karatin Saghir (Arabic: كراتين صغير‎) is a Syrian village located in Sinjar Nahiyah in Maarrat al-Nu'man District, Idlib. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Karatin Saghir had a population of 714 in the 2004 census.

  • Shurab-e Saghir

    Shurab-e Saghir (Persian: شوراب صغير‎, also Romanized as Shūrāb-e Şaghīr and Shoorab Saghir; also known as Shūr Āb) is a village in Saman Rural District, Saman County, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 2,743, in 694 families.

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