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- Noun

Vain boasting or assertions repeated to the prejudice of another's right; false claim.

- Noun

A frequent tossing or moving of the body; restlessness, as in delirium.

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  • Jactitation

    Jactitation or jactitation of marriage is an archaic cause of action in English and in Irish law. Where one person falsely asserts that he or she is married to another, the wronged party could obtain an order restraining further repetitions of the falsehood. The action was abolished in England in 1986 and in Ireland in 1995.

  • Jactitation (medicine)

    In medicine, jactitation (sometimes jactation) is a restless tossing in bed, seen in severe fevers and certain mental disorders; or more generally a tossing to and fro or jerking and twitching of the body. It derives ultimately from the Latin jactitare, to toss about.

  • Neutron activation

    Neutron activation is the process in which neutron radiation induces radioactivity in materials, and occurs when atomic nuclei capture free neutrons, becoming heavier and entering excited states. The excited nucleus often decays immediately by emitting gamma rays, or particles such as beta particles, alpha particles, fission products, and neutrons (in nuclear fission ). Thus, the process of neutron capture, even after any intermediate decay, often results in the formation of an unstable activation product. Such radioactive nuclei can exhibit half-lives ranging from small fractions of a second to many years.

  • Bilingual interactive activation plus

    Bilingual interactive activation plus (BIA+) is a model for understanding the process of bilingual language comprehension and consists of two interactive subsystems: the word identification subsystem and task/decision subsystem. It is the successor of the Bilingual Interactive Activation (BIA) model which was updated in 2002 to include phonologic and semantic lexical representations, revise the role of language nodes, and specify the purely bottom-up nature of bilingual language processing.

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    Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule is a family of genes. Homophilic binding between SLAMs is involved in cellular adhesion

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    Killer activation receptor

    Killer Activation Receptors (KARs) are receptors expressed on the plasmatic membrane of Natural Killer cells (NK cells ). KARs work together with inhibitory receptors (abbreviated as KIRs in the text), which inactivate them in order to regulate the NK cells functions on hosted or transformed cells. These two kinds of specific receptors have some morphological features in common, such as being transmembrane proteins. The similarities are specially found in the extracellular domains and, the differences tend to be in the intracellular domains. KARs and KIRs can have tyrosine containing activatory or inhibitory motifs in the intracellular part of the receptor molecule (they are called ITAMs and ITIMs ).

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