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- Noun

Vain boasting or assertions repeated to the prejudice of another's right; false claim.

- Noun

A frequent tossing or moving of the body; restlessness, as in delirium.

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  • Jactitation

    Jactitation or jactitation of marriage is an archaic cause of action in English and in Irish law

  • Jactitation (medicine)

    In medicine, jactitation (sometimes jactation) is a restless tossing in bed, seen in severe fevers

  • Slander of title

    copyright (what allegedly occurred in the SCO v. Novell case). Slander of title is a form of jactitation.

  • Family Law Act 1986

    and Northern Ireland. It covered a range of issues, including e.g. access to children. One obscure point is that it abolished Jactitation of marriage.

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