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- Noun

An English gold coin, of the value of twenty-five shillings sterling, struck in the reign of James I.

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  • Jacobus

    A Jacobus is an English gold coin of the reign of James I, worth 25 shillings. The name of the coin comes from the Latin inscription surrounding the King's head on the obverse of the coin, IACOBUS D G MAG BRIT FRA ET HI REX ("James, by the grace of God, of Britain, France and Ireland King").

  • Jacobus Ludovicus Cornet

    Jacobus Ludovicus Cornet (1815, in Leiden – 1882, in Leiden), also known by his initials as J.L. Cornet, was a Dutch painter and draughtsman. He often depicted Dutch historic scenes and figures (particularly from the Dutch Golden Age ), contributing several paintings to Jacob de Vos Jacobszoon's gallery of oil paintings depicting scenes from Dutch history. Cornet also painted and drew portraits, landscapes, interiors and a range of other subjects.

  • Frederik Jacobus Johannes Buytendijk

    Frederik Jacobus Johannes Buytendijk (1887–1974) was a Dutch anthropologist, biologist and psychologist.

  • Johannes Jacobus Smith

    Johannes Jacobus Smith (Antwerp 29 June 1867 – Oegstgeest 14 January 1947) (sometimes written as Joannes Jacobus Smith) was a Dutch botanist who, between years 1905 to 1924, crossed the islands of the Dutch East Indies (mainly Java ), collecting specimens of plants and describing and cataloguing the flora of these islands. The standard botanical author abbreviation J.J.Sm. is applied to plants described by J.J. Smith.

  • Jacobus Golius

    Jacob Golius born Jacob van Gool (1596 – September 28, 1667) was an Orientalist and mathematician based at the University of Leiden in Netherlands. He is primarily remembered as an Orientalist. He published Arabic texts in Arabic at Leiden, and did Arabic-to-Latin translations. His best-known work is an Arabic-to-Latin dictionary, Lexicon Arabico-Latinum (1653), which he sourced for the most part from the Sihah dictionary of Al-Jauhari and the Qamous dictionary of Fairuzabadi.

  • Daniel Jacobus Erasmus

    Daniel Jacobus Erasmus (1830 - 1913) was a South African Boer political figure. He served as the acting president of Transvaal between 1871 and 1872.

  • Jacobus Zaffius

    Jacobus Hendriksz Zaffius also known as Saffius or Saffio (1534 – 19 January 1618), was a Catholic pastor in Haarlem.

  • Albertus Jacobus Duymaer van Twist

    Albertus Jacobus Duymaer van Twist

    Albertus Jacobus Duymaer van Twist (20 February 1809 – 3 December 1887) was the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1851 to 1856.

  • Donald Lines Jacobus

    Donald Lines Jacobus, FASG (1887-1970) of New Haven, Connecticut, was widely regarded among genealogists as the dean of American genealogy during his lifetime.

  • Petrus Jacobus Kipp

    Petrus Jacobus Kipp

    Petrus Jacobus Kipp (Utrecht, 5 March 1808 – Delft, 3 February 1864) was a Dutch apothecary, chemist and instrument maker. He became known as the inventor of the Kipp apparatus, chemistry equipment for the development of gases.

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